Single Use Disposables

We have chosen to be as responsible as possible - we stay away from single use disposable containers.

Sometimes, during town festivals, we are forced to use disposables by the health authorities. In such rare occasions, we will use fully compostable containers and provide a compost bin to ensure the containers will not end up in landfill.

Reusable Takeaway Containers

Bring your own, take one of our free containers or simply buy one and participate in making all the difference.

We provide good quality containers at minimal cost to encourgage our customers to re-fill instead of land-fill.  

If your takeaway container is dirty (even filthy), bring it anyways. We will wash it and won't tell anyone about this sensitive secret.

Pay it forward

You can pay forward for an item and our staff will pass it on to somebody else.

Some say, this will make your day.

Others see it as an opportunity to practice gratitude and generosity as well as experience the joy of giving and receiving.

Try it and find out for yourself how well it works for you.