We are a small environmentally conscious cafe / restaurant. We are currently trading as takeaway only with the option of outside sitting.

Our specialty is cooking healthy and fresh seasonal food. 

Pay it forward

You can pay forward for an item and our staff will pass it on to somebody else.

Some say, this will make your day.

Others see it as an opportunity to practice gratitude and generosity as well as experience the joy of giving and receiving.

Try it and find out for yourself how well it works for you. 

Ban to Single Use Disposables

We have chosen to be as responsible as possible - we stay away from single use disposable containers.

Instead, we provide you with reusable takeaway containers and kindly ask you to either bring them back to us or use them for yourself.

Help us save the earth, re-use our containers. 

Catering services

Yes, we can cater for you! Let us know what you need​