Eggs Always - $12

2 eggs(FRO) cooked to your liking, served on sourdough toast(O) with optional sides:

bacon(FR)| ham(FR)| trout - $6
fetta | haloumi | greens(BDO) | mushrooms - $5
spicy coconut sambal(HM)| kasundi(HM) - $4

Baked Eggs - $18

2 eggs(FRO) baked on top of rosemary and garlic borlotti beans(HM), served with sourdough toast(O) and kasundi(HM)


Scramble Sambal - $16

A personal favourite - scrambled eggs(FRO) with spicy coconut sambal(HM) and sourdough toast(O)

Rice Congee - $16

Warm savoury rice porridge with chicken(FR) or mushrooms with Amandhi's hot chilli paste(HM)

Let our staff know if chilli is not your thing

Diving Beryl Muesli - $15

Coffee, orange & treacle toasted muesli(HM) with hung yoghurt(O) and poached fruit

Toast - $8

2 slices of sourdough(O) and butter with your choice of spread - jam(HM), marmalade(HM), honey(O), Vegimite and peanut butter or Fruit toast with butter

Green Eggs and Ham - $8

Green omelette(O) with smoked ham(FR) and mayo(HM) in a bread roll.


(FR) free range | (O) organic | (BD) biodynamic | (HM) home made