[ $4 - $8 ]

Coffee Supreme

Awesome beans from the folks at Coffee Supreme


Larsen and Thompson tea selection


House made kombucha with a seasonal fruit

Beechworth apple juice

Legendary apple juice made at Christensens orchard Beechworth

Brunch staples

[ $8 - $18 ]

Eggs Allways

Free range eggs cooked to your liking (scrambled, poached or fried) on Silvercreek sourdough toast; optionally add any of our sides.

Scramble Sambal

Scrambled eggs on Silvercreek sourdough toast with Chilli coconut condiment


Chicken or Mushroom Congee is a savory rice based porridge with house made chilli oil


Bacon, mushrooms and Feta at all times; greens, avocado and tomatoes when in season


Two pieces of Silver Creek sourdough toast with butter - add vegemite, peanut butter, local honey or jam and marmalade


Daily slider with fillings regularly changed according to our mood and produce availability. 

Baked Eggs

Duck fat potatoes with onion, Kasundi, stretchy cheese and eggs

Dukkah Eggs

Gremolata Mushroom with Feta, poached Eggs and Dukkah

Masala Eggs

Golden Boiled Eggs in Masala Sauce with Coconut rice and Kimchi


[ $4 - $9 ]

Japanese Cheescake

Japanese Lemon baked Cheesecake

Gluten free Torte

Chocolate, date and almond Torte


Bublanicka is a fluffy, fruity Czech tea cake


Chocolate brownie with a selection of toppings

Pistachio & Choc cookie

Pistachio and chocolate cookie that is Gluten Free. 

Lunch special

[ $22 - $26 ]

Hot Chilli Trout

With Soba noodles, Pickled cucumber and Green Beans

Potluck dinner

[ $23 - $28 ]

Halusky Fri 18 Jul

Known as a Slovak national dish. Effectively being a form of potato gnocchi with a goats cottage cheese, Halusky is normally considered to be a peasant dish.

However, it wouldn't be Amandhi and Nicky if they wouldn't jazz it up in one way or another. We are talking pork belly (instead of typically used bacon) and for sure some salad or a fresh crunch on the side for the right balance of tastes.

[Child friendly]

Available on Friday 18 June 5:30pm to 6:30pm